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you knew you will will will will the tree. the daughters of somebody. i gave them a fair chance. tyler. i think you see something of what. it was a bit in the united states. remittance of your sons and daughters. twenty five. in fact horror something which greeted the time. links between ireland and the united states are gone and ensuring the front with twenty two us presidents day my irish heritage toasted keen on returning to rome. however if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states today because not too
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soon. i am honored to represent detainees reagan's team meeting other americans with wire hoops. there should be held on undocumented irish meaning in the united states because of their status. they are on a boat returned to ireland to visit family friends and neighbors immigration reform initiative in u s senate the us house of representatives is a renewed opportunity to transform the start line. my great grandfather left here in time of stress. seeking to better himself and his family. so many irishmen and women from every walk of life played a role in creating the three of them. i'm certainly proud to be part of the great irish american tradition. o bond between our two countries runs deep and strong and i'm proud to be here. in recognition and celebration of our times. shopping for immigration reform and all of
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irish american hope that the laws and life when i was living in the shadows to reach their potential into between the united states of america the british on speaking as an irishman summed up in july. the people he said see things and say why. but i dream things that never were. can i say why not that quality. it is the quality of the irish the remarkable combination of hope optimism and imagination. that is needed more than ever today moreover for. it's six won
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fourteen euros with grind up some of the chevron media law courtney investigate the killing of a young man or to think that chick still partially to have been questioned after the twenty one he rode with me to death with a golf club on the dublin streets. nobody was taken to after this one only make deliveries to come forth. she and other nursing homes that have been told to church for social activities from budget cuts. patience of the founders pay from milk charge and some nursing homes of three thousand six hundred for the social activities for them. you know the eye doctor
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twenty one yo man died after he was attacked in dublin last night that the two with the full typically have to feed her cheeks day partially support meetings held in canberra. forensic specialists today examined the scene the pulse of the new uncovered in dublin for jason saunders was fatally injured twenty one year old was found lying on the ground here. roundhouse seven this morning. he was taken to the mater hospital but died there in our nature hardly believe he was talking to people around the head and upper body with the call for assessment. i did not know when the bomb he's in. the media last night. follow the lead. nino was spent jason saunders was the youngest to find them lived on false god in you just down the road from where
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he was killed. carty saying he had been on a park in a possible two shops here the death of another mom of a roundhouse six this morning to get more drinks. but they were refused service. he was attacked around ten plus seven. detectives say a number of people arrived at the park is around six o'clock this morning and have appealed for witnesses in particular a touchy viper to contact them. we were aware of its kind in the social event was taking place this location. and we also with them a taxi stopped off a number of people get to this location. during the taxi man who took the field to get on seven hits when you descend to shop would like to talk to you have important information. the search the plot this morning on the number of men who were there at the time left with them. two men have now been arrested twenty five year old mom is being tainted by just come on suspicion of withholding information on the twenty three year old is being detained the fingers on suspicion of murder. some of those who wrote the part in the last year had been drinking all st on tuesday
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and continued into the early hours this morning and got he said the twenty one year old jason saunders lost his life because of a drunken row. or rattles or tv news coverage the county cork mother who was due to go on trial for the red river nature notes on as he is guilty to manslaughter and wore the house and placed trouble will be sentenced next week the body of anti war was found in his bed at his home in charge of the county court on the part of september twenty twelve the eight rooms have been preparing to go back to school to start sucking up after the summer break. in the late stages of investigation regarding were treating his death as a tragic incident. however this court examination later showed he died a mistake the ocean. his mother diane ward was treated in hospital after her son's death she was later arrested and questioned today she was due to go on trial for murder. in a brief hearing at the central criminal court this morning ty and lord stood to answer a
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charge of murdering her son in reply she said not guilty to murder but guilty of manslaughter. so for the dpp said this pizza months offer was acceptable to the prosecution. the case was then adjourned for sentencing mr justice paul carney was to lose more time was needed for the preparation of psychiatric reports. diane morgan was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month. leading trainer archie news that the central criminal court. a private nurse usually killed in a strange health authorities suggested that it start charging residents for social programs in or to make up for costs in state funding kerry's for nursing home was written to thirty residences saying that the fair deal for me to preach patience is to be cut by sixty euro a week from next month. kerry's for a private nursing home and sewed them and cares for over fifty residents. the national treatment purchase fund has been paying the home over a seven hundred and ten euro a week for each resident covered by the fair deal
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nursing home support scheme in a letter to residents in the last twenty four hours terry stuart says the nt pf has offered the home sixty or less per week per resident from april. it alleges the ndp as to suggest that the shortfall could be made up by charging residents for social programs. the ntp if negotiate with people is a private nursing homes and the maximum prices they can charge residents for long term fair deal care the irish patients association says some nursing home residents may taste of taxes due to cuts in state these patients of the promise of a raw milk charge and some nursing homes of three thousand six hundred or the social activities around them. i didn't eat the cookie ten your want additional four top trees and so on. in a statement. the npp and said it considers the pricing of long term residential care for each private home on an individual basis and by negotiation with the proprietor said the client chooses the nursing home and homes
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may charge for incidental and extras. nursing homes are in and says a major problem with the fair deal scheme is that it does not cover therapy sharon thirty transport to hospital and other residential care needs the department of health review of the feared eu scheme is continuing. this is a deck chair to a nursing home but we know that apart from the health service are widespread soak in. if i attend place that where like you to see replicated across the country in time. when nursing homes are in and says that economy is the narrow definition of goods and services under this scheme and it says it's aware of other cases and poor health authorities suggested that combs charge for social programs and other areas not covered. the border people and their relatives may not be aware of what is not covered on this game and then to some they're all therapies social programs specialized features hairdressing news papers and a range of other areas things that people would probably won't turn
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their care and an irish patients association some overview of fifty nursing homes in the dublin wicklow area shows that this year many have seen cuts and parenting payments ranging from one euro per week for residents to seventy five euro per week per resident the result may be more residents having to pay for extras are going with them and the ntp a connection to them that the actual treatment pressed to find that the number crunching and all of this but they are a function of the hsc so what i think that if the thing i can start with the nt pf has not rejected the claims made by kerry's for nursing home today and in a statement to me a short time ago. the ntp has said that under no it negotiates the prices for the cost of care and approved homes and this is done on the one on one negotiations with the owners who is a confidentiality clause so homeowners can we talk about this publicly and the cost of care coverage was provided for on their younger than all but dead bored nursing and care services and what he
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calls the sedan cars and extras such as the social programs transport to hospital and hairdressing enough cover to oems can charge for these but the review of the scheme under way and is likely to look at this big issue thinking. thousands of homeowners who had been refused the insurance would receive an offer of coverage in the next four weeks the government has said is the city of time to bring in a one percent levy on all insurance policies in or to create distrust on. it was a winter closet that connected damage worth millions of euros in its wake. but even today nearly eight weeks later james ring and all the residents in the worst affected areas of limerick. i still experiencing the nightmare as insurance companies refuse to cover them for funding to pay insurance to give you peace of mind we don't this isn't a situation so what's the point the entire west course is no sense of wanting to do with this entry was definitely not
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on the course. the midwest residents want a new river defenses bits but homeowners in a long note that won't happen anytime soon on the shannon and their supporting a call for a new one percent to be on all insurance policies to create a new distressed homes before the trip down the pecking order month or so. when i get for offenses in the near future and what can happen to the twenty oh one moment of legal political bent. you mustn't know. angela moore today to inspect a new flood barrier that is working albeit only mr brine his was not commenting on any debbie i think it's very premature to be suggesting that there's going to be that old son. and you know we have response. speaking of defenses and they have responsibility as an industry to make sure they provide on call for two people which way to do with it it's still kinda permission to do the job due to no insurance called the static be assessed
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but the things which have been put in this photo that was over. people who insists the hosts and businesses have an expectation which is an expectation that they can have a constituent. when do it too. to be so sticky caramel early or the news tommorow. if the knife detective investigating the abduction and murder of tea in the complement of more than forty years ago have arrested a man of seventy seven year old has been questioned by detectives in china. gina combo at thirty seven year old widow with ten children was one of the so called disappeared of the troubles. one of sixteen people murdered by republicans and secretly buried. team a combo was abducted from her home in the davis stopped on the falls road in west belfast in nineteen seventy two and shot dead by the ira the kmt been passing information to the security forces. the scam was ten years he denied by her family as a leader investigation by the north stand least all but been meta oh don't mind was
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no evidence she had been an informer. it doesn't impede the mccall whose remains were discovered on showing him beaten ninety the adjudicator buried in belfast. today is my detectives investigating team of compost abduction and murder. the rest of the seventy seven year old man in west belfast in connection with the killing suspect is being questioned at the company's koreas brandon wright rte news belfast. before financial regulator said he didn't know about the extent of sean quinn mistaken and a large bunch in early two thousand and eight. by the nas from the quinn group to the recruiters office. i've done in the position of the community was being cross examined by defence lawyers in the trial bundles for chairman sean fitzpatrick and two four directors of the bank. patrick whelan and william aka tear happy new year he has told the court shown queen dropped in to see in the mid january to pass and eight. he said there were
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rumors that mr crean has an arts stake in anglo irish bank to contact the difference that you took that on the share price has gone to share. statistically totally have a small cfd position i go to the factory two thousand and eight he understood this is a quaint had to post this coating. at the time to veg history of car seat was more concerned that the queen insurance auntie again it is the first he knew mr crean had a stake in almost thirty percent of time though to see if steve was on march the twenty two passes and eight. it's an eerie says he was unaware of reggae very keen that's where the quinn group to various senior people in the command to vacate his office designing this to queens to pee in your o c f t exposure and the hundreds of millions of euro he was using emails began at the end of february two thousand and eight complex theories since he's been unaware of these emails he said he couldn't explain how no one in his office at taunton about these astronomical from ninety to
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practice the art of not being told to put things into the bus and then naming anyone in his office he said he didn't think was possible the scene had been told that the emails have forgotten the scenario is that nobody is aware of is to leave the state that i'm going to the scene of domestic standing was made up of the percentages of the center bound to happen to finance and the baking a share of february to twenty seconds to pass it and ate. even though the minutes of the group's meeting referred to cfd sand and though and he says he was not aware of any other location that had to drag a chair where he had been approached by a band to discuss the fate of its shares financed by the contamination finished tomorrow. when o'donnell rte news dublin circuit criminal court. this leads to your state's offense will be described as the holy grail of cosmology in the breakthrough came to worthy of a nobel prize is the first time the detective echoes of the big bang the discovery which is playing group for the great pianist i get the origins of
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the universe. been bz. it's a question that these scientists for decades on top and in this pic seconds following the big buying fourteen billion years ago neither using a telescope at the five hole a team that the us based on the physicists has made a giant leap forward this. this cosmology is missing link so that we thought she'd be there but we weren't really sure. and as it has been eagerly sought not to post two decades this is not something that shows the home run but a grand slam it's the smoking gun for inflation inflation theory starts with an eye widely accepted idea that the universe began with an explosion. it proposes that an attribute of a trillion other attributes of a second after the pig by the cosmos expounded i swear it's faster than the speed of light sending ripples always the privacy act and the fabric of space which for the first time i've been detected on her days in which nine kids. scientists in unprecedented opportunity to discover what caused the big bang on time galaxies stars and of the day and space
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performance of his own ways of thinking and he did quite a while but now that was over and then it just opens up almost a whole new realm of physics was because it shows us there all the ways that we can call the custody and no credit for. have you started the results astonished scientists including stanford physicist andre and india while he pioneered the theory for decades but seemed genuinely surprised to hear is a compact digital medical understanding of nature. all sites you mom you know that he just overwhelms and never see that meant that a school that is not the key others will try to replicate the findings the team spent three years checking and re checking barring a peek and christine error a nobel prize is written in the stars. will the body rte news. policy and social conditions could worsen. a key component to the porch for the most vulnerable in society the warning is contained in
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a new ot the team reports note that this government will consider any further cuts very carefully the paris based club of rich nations says the freud years on from the financial crisis high rates of joblessness and income also has a worsening social conditions in many oecd countries. it says governments facing the need to make budget cutbacks risk adding to the hardships of the most vulnerable in society and code creates more problems for the future. in the oecd countries there are now some forty eight million people looking for work. an increase of fifteen million since the crisis. many of these are young people on the report notes that long periods of unemployment or inactivity. off to meet one lifetime of lower earnings and health problems. that's why it says governments must prioritize getting young people into the workforce. it says families to cut back on essential spending such as food and healthcare. this will compromise their current
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and future well being. it says unemployment and economic difficulties are known to contribute or a range of health problems including mental illness. it warns governments facing budget pressures the short term well for savings may translate into much higher costs in the future. in particular it says governments must protect education spending to avoid social exclusion from educational opportunity undeterred as greece are targeting of health care resources to ensure that low income groups are not disadvantaged by the need to control health spending. now is to get that set the pan european picture show and had to be fair. by comparison health crisis group where we while it seems we didn't do too badly according to this that they sing in the report will target of social benefits were effective in supporting hearted families during the downturn. on the starting point here i guess it is the average of one of the people are doing
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and that compares with the average for both the european union. i'm the one to remove the cd and on most of the indicators were coming it is better than the average. so for things like health spending. for most of all thirty four. well just welcomed a society in income because we started off pretty pineapple. even so we have probably the biggest wheat or in control. recorded in the kiwi cd with commemorative ok so far. well until now most of the policy recommendations if you receive your making two when the country's most cases were doing pretty much what they wanted us to do. we've been singled out along with estonia and spain for being conscious that you don't have a big drop in gdp during this recession. very dramatic hike and a social spending that the ttp spent the money on looking after people lost their jobs mr that was the right thing to do out of time. but there is a raw but if it moves at a milkshake so cold and we know that there is one area where we seriously need to thank his dad is in the states it said not in education employment
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or training. this refers to young people that said school become photographic here at the trade show was that they bring in are then compared with a competency sixteen point seven. it's a pretty high and race off pit and at school aren't in training or employment on ten for thirty patient much higher than the eu and the oecd but still good at holding the seat which was like before the crisis. i'm not tells another story as well thirteen percent even before the crisis two thousand and seven at the height of the boom. we still have a very high proportion of people. i don't people know kissing education or training or and the further education content that is a serious stroke cocoa which indicates that even when this recession houses were sold the house opens here dealing with youth unemployment on top is for law policy attention house to focus on that this job guarantee scheme used anti scheme that is one way of looking at this time to make the social welfare education and work programs where better for a really really
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important sector of society as young people to the challenge don't think you can buy the cd to come to the school is celebrating after winning the pan celtic national song contest the group that was the skull increased the end of this are the first primaries coach in this group is prestigious prize. the non competes in the international final in derry next month. it has six thousand pupils of scarlett's dns have made their own bit of history. the first primaries than ever to win the national pattern celtic song contest. he teaches in the school and wrote their son sean vulnerable about to tear away troublesome teenager and has impressed the judges with its innovative twist to traditional irish rock and reggae rhythm. the songs and watched the boy and a boy named charlie wasn't at home was it demonstrates an agent i might be rejoicing about him so much. i still look so
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funny because it was so encouraged me to the mix makes me so energetic i mean often absent minded. i have this made up of several nationalities irish nigerian rwandan and i'm golden. added a piece up some serious competition on the traditional music scene we're very fortunate to be chosen as winners this time alan dickens who know them or show them some competition don't have to take an easy jaunt school i'd just mention a couple of names the lead on the number might present in fairness to them that the judging panel did you know there were no word of praise for naught when the music of the kids with the matter which to focus on christ. i travel to every on eight twenty four to take part in the international wine. kathy had her rte news s cancer care in the evening fix when you throw everybody on the team declined to take a bite to it. in all though
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i knew. ch ch other recent of them retired nypd deputy inspector paul mccormick receive the prestigious this sports dollar in a large lake with details phone company from michael ring minister of transport tourism and sport. almost all heard for the extraordinary efforts in bringing wonderful gallery and the dems could kill them
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i'm going a goal in two thousand and thirteen. his dollar net debt was selected from over six dollars and he brought the nyt did get a foothold in the cool part first i need to raise a specialty in croke park for forty four local children from the band either ga open holes. he also released a special government are that much in the park and followed with a gem the chemists and too close to the ultimate all stars joined forces with the nypd team in the march against the prairies to be a debate tuesday. poses the people toward art brut weekend. little big on new york night. afterwards in jackson t l powell buffet all proceeds will be again went to support the principle that are canning general hospital it was a very bright moment there was a very special when we took the team off to donate all you know you don't click a button and the work into it at that time what to
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get recognized by your own people and i thank margaret jackson market nominated us for this award and then it was just eight for the hotel federation to recognize the work we put into this and will be brought to the country was odd was a tremendous achievement in a very private with them and asks does the honors of health information they can fight it all says its members to nominate a gathering of them to just say no hesitation. content is very confidant that the swift am one hundred percent in the awards on the night for mothers to rain. on the president of the initial kills federation mr michael ball up to see the new york with liberation of the game how would draw communities together. had to be a winner is. it was the standouts the idea that the federation to say thank you for the us and care we give you something small something that was significant enough to say. keep doing what you're doing because it's helping us all thinking about was the means. today we were
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spectacular. the people of iran to communicate. it doesn't offend some of the country i was touched to see today that the irish heart as federation actually give awards to people that went out there at all the nice capper. as i have the opportunity. i also have to think that i ask her all over america all over britain for the wicket of response is akin to brittany came into this country to put the past year we had from north america to two thousand and two told any of it was the chairman paul broughton we have american ever. jordy columns for illegal tv the irish hotels federation conference and trump card to me. for i i i am. i mean. eye
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off. choose. thus i missed any of the toxic or that now it also is shocking for you on tuesday. they include the fox. you say that i am not enough honest on here was fte


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